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Kota BBQ House
Kota BBQ House
Victorian BBQ House
Victorian BBQ House
Victorian BBQ House

The 9m² Kota Barbeque House

The perfect family sized barbecue house (pictured above). This will seat 12 people comfortably and will sleep 3.

The building is manufactured from the finest redwood forests of Estonia. The 6 walls are 45mm thick (nearly 2inches). The windows are all double glazed and fitted with high quality brass finished fittings. The inside has benches fitted to 5 walls, these convert to 3 sleeping platforms when needed.

In the centre of the Barbecue House there is a specially designed circular barbecue with removable tables. There are 3 adjustable, rotating cooking platforms for holding the kettle, saucepan and frying skillet over the charcoals. There are also 2 Blaze boards which are used for cooking a side of salmon or trout.

Other accessories included are: 5 Reindeer Hides, wooden plates, knives, forks, large and small wooden mugs, clock, guest book, bottle binoculars, trivet, napkin holder, thermometer, and oven gloves. Contact us on 01309 641102 or click here.

The Victoria Summerhouse

We are confident enough to say that there is not a summerhouse in the UK to compete against this one. It is totally unique.

This building comes in two sizes, 9m and 12m.

The inside is decorated with curtains and cushions instead of Reindeer hides. There is the same barbecue as in the other buildings. If you wish to be really decadent, it is possible to have a different barbecue made out concrete and finished on top with polished granite tiles. This is the ultimate barbecue table.

There are 2 windows that open on the Victoria summerhouse; these are opposite the double doors. The rest of the walls have double glazed window panes so you get a 360 view.

The 9m version will seat 12 people and sleep 2 and the 12m will seat 15. Inside material and features: benching 45mm x 195mm, wooden floor, double glazed French doors equipped with a lock.

Accessories: Circular barbecue with tables, smoke hood, kettle, cast iron frying skillet, wooden plates, knives, forks, large and small wooden mugs, trivet, oven gloves, bottle binoculars, cushions and curtains. Contact us on 01309 641102 or click here.

Downloads (Prices below are at 2011 rates, for 2012 prices, please call us on 01309 641102):

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