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Soothing bubbles

Inground Spas

Whether you desire the perfect way to relax and unwind, want to spend more quality time with your friends and family or are seeking that stylish finishing touch for your private 'oasis', an in-ground spa could provide the solution you need. Guaranteed to enhance any setting, an in-ground spa is designed to compliment your environment, and your lifestyle.

The installation of an in-ground spa requires excavation as well as plumbing and electrical work and they are a permanent feature which cannot be moved unlike a hot tub. They offer all the benefits of a portable spa, ergonomically designed seating, a variety of jet configurations and massage styles enabling you to recline in luxury whilst benefiting from the aesthetic attributes it offers.

These can be incorporated into a swimming pool project or simply stand alone and the good news is that the water heats up much faster and stays hot longer than an above ground tub. The equipment is comparable to swimming pool counterparts and are housed in their own enclosure or tucked away in a remote place, out of earshot, making operation very quiet.

Aqua Leisure are dealers of many manufacturers who offer a unique spa experience to suit a whole host of locations and preferences in both acrylic and tile finishes. With the option of either a standard cartridge filter, or heavier duty sand filter, this range can be tailored to suit a range of different usage levels too. Contact us on 01309 641102 or click here.


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