Aqua Leisure is proud to sponsor Aaron Hepburn...


Aqua Leisure Ltd is proud to sponsor Aaron Hepburn.

Aaron is a 19 year old national tennis player who began playing at the age of four.

He was discovered by his coach, Jimmy MacKechnie, hitting against a wall at Nairn Sports Club. From that day, Jimmy has coached Aaron to a national level.

At the beginning, Aaron played all local tournaments and progressed to Scottish level, then National level where he has been part of the AEGON future stars programme from the age of nine. Only the top 24 national players are selected for this programme.

He is invited to attend the annual talent ID day which is held at the national tennis centre at Roehampton.

Aaron now moves into the under-14 age group both nationally and internationally. At this age level, he will start to travel more extensively to widen his competition pool and to test himself against his international peers.

The tennis journey suggests that players who successfully make the transition into the senior game have a good track record of competing and winning internationally at a young age.

In order for Aaron to progress within this age group his program needs to grow to include additional coaching sessions with his coach, as well as support through strength, conditioning and sports psychology.

He must travel to international events to compete and develop his game with the goal of competing at Tarbes (the unofficial world championships at under-14 Ė Andy Murray reached the final of this event). It is important that his coach travels with him to these key events, for awareness of standards and to be able to monitor Aaronís progress when under pressure, which will highlight areas that need to be worked on.

Although Aaron will compete internationally, he will still play all the major Scottish events.

He has secured sponsorship with Dunlopís “The next big thing” junior programme who provide his rackets, bags, strings, grips and training wear.

Geographically, as Aaron lives in Nairn, his training and competing schedules are more complex than boys competing at a similar level in the rest of the UK.

Throughout the winter, Aaron travels with his coach to Stirling as there are no indoor facilities within a five-hour round-trip for training. He also flies to England to train as the Scottish roads can be treacherous in the winter months.

Due to the lack of competition in the North of Scotland, Aaron has to train with his coach for an average of six hours per day; this has resulted in Aaron having to leave school at the end of P7 so that he can commit to his tennis future.

Aaron has won many competitions and secured the Scottish title for under 10ís when he was nine years old.

He also was the first recipient of the Andy Murray trophy, which he won at Cults grade 3 tournament (Andy Murray won this trophy many years ago as a junior). Aaron also won the consolation event at the British clay court championships held at Queenswood School in June 2012.

Without the continual support from Aqua Leisure Ltd, Aaron would not be able to fulfil his potential.

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