Jacuzzi® J-335™


FROM £12,249 inc VAT (not including cover lifter, steps, delivery or installation. Ask in store for more detail.)

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Seating Capacity: 4-5
Lounge: Yes 
Jets: 40 
Dimensions: 213cm x 213cm x 91cm

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Designed to deliver a relaxing, yet stimulating massage, the Jacuzzi® J-335™ Hot Tub features enough seating for five to six adults. This portable Hot Tub is made for lounging with its 84-inch square by 36-inch deep body, ProAir™ Lounge Seat, built-in waterfall and the FX10 Therapy Seat. No matter what your aches and pains, there’s a position in the J-335™ that’s sure to soothe them. To top it all off, the enhanced LED ProLites System illuminates your J-335™ footwell, pillows, and even your cup holders as you relax to the sights, sounds and sensation of the Water Rainbow® waterfall. That is an all-encompassing Hot Tub therapy experience you’ll never get tired of. The ProAir™ Lounge Seat supplies that famous Jacuzzi® full body massage everyone talks about. The FX-10™ Therapy Seat, lounge seating, and powerful water jets, including PowerPro® FX Jets, work to ease the tension in your muscles and help reduce your overall stress and delivers deep-tissue rejuvenation. Also, the all-new BX “bubbler” jets provide a tension-dissolving massage to the calves. There are built-in waterfall and LED lighting create a synergistic hydrotherapy experience. The J-335™ spaciously accommodates up to five adults making it perfect for couples and families. Add some music to your Hot Tub with the Aquasound Stereo System that features an auxiliary MP3/iPort jack, or keep your Hot Tub as energy efficient as possible with an advanced filtration and water purification system.